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Be Protected Financial Inc.  is a fully independent insurance consulting business specializing in insurance solutions for individuals, families, business owners and corporations, servicing clients in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.

Our priority is making sure you get great value from our services. We accomplish this by providing the best protection and financial services to our clients.  We provide professional advice, expertise and in careful attention to your needs.  We become familiar with your situation, and budgetary concerns.

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Bonita Boutilier, CHS

Bonita Boutilier, CHS

Insurance Advisor

I was inspired to start a career as an Insurance Advisor following the unexpected death of my husband.  Through the grief of this traumatic event, the proceeds from his life insurance policy afforded me peace of mind to heal and grow from this life-changing tragedy.

This financial safety net gave me the vision and inspiration to create Be Protected Financial Inc.


  • The best agent I have come across. My entire family travels and I always forgot to get coverage. Bonita gave us annual coverage at really great rates so we can travel worry free.

    Crypto Hodler Avatar Crypto Hodler
  • Bonita is very understanding, knowledgeable & easy to communicate with! I would recommend her services to any friend or family member.

    Dominiq Ue Avatar Dominiq Ue
  • Bonita is a truly caring insurance professional that will listen to your specific needs and advise you on what is best for your situation. She has access to many different insurance companies and she will take the time to find you the policy that is right for you.

    Eva Assoignon Avatar Eva Assoignon
  • Bonita is incredible to work with and helped guide me towards making the right choices in Life Insurance. She helped take away the fear and uncertainty around such long term planning and allowed us to find the right product for our needs. She's caring and kind and truly puts her clients first. Thank you Bonita!!!

    Misti Hurst Avatar Misti Hurst
  • Bonita and her team have been wonderful to work with and we are very happy with our decision to use Be Protected Financial.

    Nancy Izatt Avatar Nancy Izatt
  • Bonita is a great life insurance provider.

    Mike Beishuizen Avatar Mike Beishuizen
  • I travelled a fair bit during the 2 peak years of covid and after checking out others, I found I got the best travel information and coverage from Bonita!

    Bonita Boutilier Avatar Bonita Boutilier


Be grateful for every second of every day that you get to spend with people you love. Life is precious. Mandy Hale


Saving your life, should not cost you your life savings.


Protecting your most valuable asset isn’t just smart – It’s smart money.

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Life Insurance

Why Life Insurance Is Important

To Replace Lost Income

Having a loss of income due to an unexpected event can have a devastating financial effect on the survivor. Buying life insurance as a means to replace income lost is the most cost effective way to achieve this.

To Pay Off Debt

Without your income available to help pay off debts, your family can be left with a large burden.

To Pay Final Expenses

Final expenses can be very significant. Life insurance provides cash needed to be used to help your family cope in a time of distress.

To Help Pay For Your Children’s Education

If something unexpectedly happens to you, there may not be enough time to set aside adequate funds for education. Purchasing life insurance can help by creating a lump sum of cash that can be used to pay for part of your children’s future.

To obtain a quote or enquire about Life Insurance, contact me at 604-229-9230

Different Types Of Life Insurance


Term Insurance is like renting an apartment as opposed to buying a house where there is equity built up. Term insurance policy premiums go towards the entire cost of insurance. Your rates are locked in for a specific time period — 10, 20, or 30 years — and at the end of the term, the premium will increase.


Permanent Insurance is like owning a home, equity is built up inside the policy. Premiums are used to pay the ecost of insurance and a portion is used to create a cash value inside the policy that can be borrowed against for business/personal loans or retirement. The premiums are guaranteed not to increase and added features are included inside the policy.

Critical Illness Insurance

I am no stranger to long term illness. I counsel my clients from my personal experience of being diagnosed with a critical illness and receiving a tax-free benefit.  Critical Illness insurance provides a tax free lump-sum payout should you become diagnosed with one of the 24 life threatening illnesses and survive the waiting period of 30 days.

Would you like to know if Critical Illness Insurance is really worth it?
Read the Globe and Mail’s article here.


Disability Insurance

If you become disabled and unable to work due to an accident or sickness, your ability to pay for expenses and save for retirement can be compromised. Disability insurance is designed to provide you financial security by compensating you with a tax-free portion of your monthly income.

Consider other sources of income that are available to you. Are they truly viable options?

  • your spouse/family income
  • your savings, RRSPs, other investments
  • selling your property and downsizing
  • bank credit line and credit cards

Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance provides financial security in the event you require home care or a permanent stay in a nursing home. It pays individuals a weekly tax-free benefit in the event that they can no longer complete 2 of the 6 activities of daily living. Those activities include bathing, dressing, eating, maintaining continence, toileting, and transferring (ask your advisor for more details).

Without the necessary funds to take care of you, it can have a devastating effect on your savings and or/force your family members into debt and stressful situations with unforeseen medical expenses.

Mortgage Insurance

One of the greatest assets you will ever own in your lifetime is your home. Protecting it with mortgage insurance from the unexpected events that can occur is vital. When applying for a mortgage through a lender, a popular question the representative will ask is, “Would you like mortgage insurance to pay off your mortgage in the event something happens to you and your spouse?” Of course, this all sounds good, but there are a few questions you as a consumer must ask in return. Don’t be misled by what you think you are applying for. Know the difference between Creditor Mortgage Insurance and Individual life insurance.

To find out more, read How to Protect One of Your Most Valuable Assets.

Travel Insurance

What happens when things don’t go exactly as planned? Whether you are a Canadian resident or visitor from out of country, I can ensure your travel insurance needs are taken care of.  My goal is to ensure you are financially protected against the unforeseen events that can take place during your travels. I will design an affordable travel package that protects you and your family against medical emergencies, accidents, trip cancellation or interruption, and more.

Key Person Insurance

When speaking to business owners regarding the success of their company, many agree that it is the “key employees that make the company successful.” I often ask them, “What would happen to the growth or existence of your company if something drastic were to happen to that key employee?” Most admit that it would have a devastating effect both on the financial and daily operation of the company.

At this point, I encourage the implementation of Key Person Insurance to help preserve the value and continuation of the business in the event that a death occurs to a key employee or owner. The proceeds are received tax-free to the corporation, allowing for time to rehire and train, thus resulting in minimal financial impact.

Buy Sell Agreements

Buy Sell Agreement is contract between shareholders or numerous owners that governs what happens if one of the co-owners dies, leaves the company or becomes disabled and no longer contributes to the business. It is a binding legal document drawn up by a lawyer.

An Insured Buy Sell Agreement is used when one of the owners dies and the executor of the deceased shareholder sells his interest in the company and they are bought by the remaining owners or shareholders from the proceeds of a life insurance policy.

Business Overhead Insurance

If you are self-employed and a business owner, protecting yourself with disability insurance is imperative. At the same time, protecting your employees’ salaries and monthly expenses is also crucial.

Business overhead insurance is designed to reimburse a business for overhead expenses in the event a business owner becomes disabled.

To find out more about the details of the policy and what eligible expenses are covered, contact me.

"Be grateful for every second of every day that you get to spend with people you love. Life is precious." Mandy Hale


The right life insurance can mean that everything you love and care about is not just protected now, but is prepared and ready for whatever the future may hold.

I can help you create the perfect plan.

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